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As we've spent the vast majority of our time on the development of the systems designed to serve volunteers. We are just now getting a chance to update our homepage. Please excuse the lack of information provided here, but rest assured over the next few weeks, useful content is being developed to better assist you and the important roles you serve.

As this question comes up a lot, people always ask, "What is". Well, truthfully, it is a lot of things. The concept was born in 2007, which the plan was simple. Create a system to better inform volunteers of activities and events taking place within their community. We started out with a small handful of volunteers working on this system and as time progressed, we grew as expected. Today, we don't just develop websites, we design and implement functional and proven solutions.


When it comes to keeping Volunteers "in the loop" on what's happening in their area, our systems provide the solution. In addition to the web based platforms we design and the SMS 2-way notifications that are utilized, we also deploy in the field post diasters. Our deployment teams provide on the ground resources to document and capture what takes place duing the response and recovery efforts of a disaster with the focus being on the voluntary agencies that have responded. Our future plans are to take these historian write-ups and publish them on this site for others to learn from.

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If you are interested in learning more about how our systems connect volunteers and streamline the communications process for your organization or jurisdiction, drop us a message. Our team is available nearly around the clock to assist in any way.

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